With eC4, users can lower maintenance costs, extend equipment life and reduce unplanned downtime by using real-time condition-based tracking at the asset level. By tracking energy consumption patterns and uncovering deviations from the norm, equipment degradation and machine performance anomalies are quickly made aware, either on-site or remotely on any connected device.

Utilizing eC4’s anomalies engine, operators are not only notified of degrading equipment performance but are able to specify intelligent rules and thresholds to get advanced warning of failures and keep a count on violated operating limits!

Maintenance protocols can therefore be re-prioritized to take advantage of the real-time intelligence and automated notification capabilities by moving to Predictive and Preventative maintenance. Proactive intervention means improved equipment efficiency and longer life, as well as reduced downtime, maintenance and replacement costs.


eC4 Improves Chiller COP from 3.5 to 5.6 via threshold-based KPI monitoring. Get ahead of critical asset failure today!