eC4 (acronym for Energy Conservation Command and Control Centre) is a technology embedded in software and hardware that provides real-time actionable energy intelligence at the asset level. By non-intrusively connecting to energy guzzlers in facilities, eC4 collects machine or system performance data (e.g. energy usage, temperature), establishes a baseline, proactively identifies opportunities for energy savings under dynamic loading conditions and business requirements, and implements savings strategies (such as load shedding). Post-implementation monitoring of the performance of these strategies by eC4 ensures continuous improvement in energy consumption as well as compliance with energy mandates. Additional information can be found in the eC4 factsheet.

ec4 method
As a 24×7 asset-level PEO system, eC4 provides real-time insight into the energy intensity of daily manufacturing operations, i.e. the energy consumption per unit of product produced (e.g. GJ/tonne). By benchmarking and tracking this critical Key Performance Indicator (KPI) in times of rising energy costs as a percentage of the overall manufacturing costs for various seasons, operational conditions and equipment conditions, eC4 provides an opportunity to reduce the energy intensity by at least 10% every year.



More specifically, eC4 provides intelligence into 2 types of energy intensities:

  • – kWh or $ Per Equipment: By non-intrusively connecting to, and collecting energy and process variable data from, production equipment eC4 is able to provide analytics on the energy usage or spend per critical energy guzzler in the plant. In other words, eC4 is able to identify energy leakage from sub-optimal assets that contribute to inefficient energy use in real time and generate notifications of deviations for proactive actions.
  • – kWh or $ Per Operation: By tracking energy intensities of individual operations, eC4 breaks down energy intensity to a very fine granularity.  This allows for an organization to benchmark energy performance across same/similar production runs or loading cycles, and allow for a better determination of job-costing estimates.


Driving PEO with eC4