Why Track Power Quality (PQ)?

While continuously monitoring the quantity of power in a plant is of extreme importance, equally so is the often overlooked quality of power, which refers to the characteristics of the incoming electricity to the facility.

As these characteristics ‘interact’ with the various loads in a facility, any anomalies in their performance can cause critical loads (e.g. motors, PLCs, relays) to overheat, shutdown prematurely, misfire, experience current or voltage spikes, and even be seriously damaged i.e. costly plant downtime, reduced equipment life, utility penalties, production delays, and personnel scrambling for solutions.

PQ Anomaly

Therefore it becomes crucial to use real-time intelligence to proactively find, isolate, and minimize PQ events.

How eC4 makes PQ a Manageable Expense in the Smart Factory


+ Non-Intrusive Current Sensors
+ Our IoT Gateway
+ the eC4 Analytics Dashboard for Individual Waveform Capture

= Predictive Intelligence to Proactively Mitigate PQ Events!


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