The Global Adjustment (GA) is not an uncontrollable cost!
Smart Operational Tweaks = Big Reductions


  • – Are you a facility charged the GA based on your power consumption during the five coincident peak hours of the year when the Ontario electricity grid requires the most power (Class A Customer)?
  • – Do you have advanced warning of these approaching peaks (coincident periods)?
  • – Do you know which loads to curtail during these periods?
  • – Are you a facility charged the GA on a $/kWh basis (Class B Customer)?
  • – Do you know whether hidden cost drivers are adding to the bill?

If you are at a loss to effectively curb your GA costs, our on-site energy intelligence software solution will maximize savings with a quick ROI and lower GA costs in the next billing period.


Know what/where/how efficiently energy is being used in your plant on a per equipment basis in our web analytics dashboard.


Your key people will receive automated notification of approaching peaks


Informed, proactive shut-down of non-essential loads during the peak periods to reduce usage and lower GA costs.

No more guesswork!


Continuously track savings achieved and generate reports for enterprise stakeholders. Eliminate energy waste and identify degrading equipment to curb GA costs as well.

With the next GA billing cycle to commence in July, the time to act is now! Let us help you get control of your GA costs and minimize its impact on your bottom line!