Managing Energy Efficiently is Good Business,
Knowing How is Smart Business!

When it comes to a) managing energy use and costs, b) developing operational best practices for energy, c) identifying saving opportunities, d) tracking and evaluate performance, and e) evaluating energy intensities, across multiple sites, equipment, processes, eC4 facilitates continuous improvement in energy efficiency using a four-step cyclical approach that combines data and visibility to create intelligence.


It Boils Down to the Phantom Energy Waste;
If You Can’t See It, You Can’t Uncover It!

By collecting consumption, demand, process variable, and production data from multiple sources (e.g. meters, SCADA, BMS) and conducting baselining, benchmarking and automated reporting of current vs. historical performance, eC4 uncovers the hidden energy cost drivers that are adding to the bill such as:

– Equipment operations during off-hours or non-production periods.
– More equipment running than needed to meet capacity.
– Faulty Equipment e.g. compressor cycling.
– Multiple startups.
– Incorrect setpoints in building management/automation systems.
– More consumption/demand compared to similar operating periods.