The eC4 Intelligent Node is a non-intrusive IIoT device that abstracts data from multiple machines, sensors, or databases and conducts real-time analytics in the cloud to provide actionable intelligence to users. The Intelligent Node establishes peer-to-peer communication with a network of smart devices and/or other nodes to share operational, energy and process data in real-time via common data transfer protocols.


IIoT Node 2

This value can be generated for local or remote data points across a geographically-distributed portfolio involving multiple assets and automation systems.


The IIoT Intelligent Node as an Energy Sensor

By non-intrusively connecting to critical equipment in a facility, the eC4 IIoT Intelligent Node monitors their energy performance to identify energy leakage and abnormal conditions in real-time.

ec4 Node Final


A single Intelligent Node can connect to up to four three-phase equipment, while a network of nodes enables an aggregated and granular energy monitoring and optimization capability for multiple equipment in a facility or across a portfolio.


In essence, the IIoT Intelligent Node converts every asset in a facility into a real-time energy sensor! Furthermore, the Node can be used as a 24×7 tool for energy audits as per ISO 50001 standards.

The device’s architecture in a facility is shown below. Further information on features and specifications can be found in the second page of the eC4 factsheet.