According to the 2013 Office of Energy Efficiency report on Energy Efficiency Trends in Canada 1990-2010, the total energy consumption of commercial and institutional buildings accounts for 12% of Canada’s secondary energy use. In addition, energy costs are projected to double by 2020.

Effectively managing energy consumption becomes more difficult when there is a lack of real-time information into the energy usage by the various equipment and systems (particularly HVAC, AHUs and lighting) in a building in order to understand their contribution to the energy bill.

eC4 solves this problem by providing an aggregated asset-level unified view into buildings’ daily operational energy consumption in real-time. In doing so, eC4 provides “drilled down” correlations between the 24×7 consumption (of various floors and areas/departments within the building) and specific events, activities, external weather conditions and occupancy.


As a control system it is easy to install, use and operate. it provides flexible low cost, highly reliable means of sub metering numerous sites and building and is to be recommended.” – Building Manager – Rainton Bridge, UK.


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