5G Energy Introduces the ‘eC4 Flexible Energy Intelligence Program’, Oct. 2016

Would you like to know precisely where you spend money on energy in your facility, and ‘see’ the usage in real-time, with minimum investment?     5G Energy’s ‘eC4 Flexible Energy Intelligence Program’ is a highly affordable offering that allows for 24×7 equipment-based energy intelligence on a rotational basis in a facility, with the results displayed in the easy-to-use eC4 Analytics Dashboard where they can be customized with a few clicks! Benefits to the Energy-Conscious Enterprise : – Simple to set-up & no production downtime: get started on equipment energy intelligence in a few hours! – Get a 24×7 ‘movie’

5G Energy to Develop an Innovative Industry 4.0 Solution for Special Purpose Machines, May 2016

The eC4 IIoT Intelligent Node underwent a Proof of Concept demonstration at one of India’s largest manufacturers to show how it can be used for intelligent control and communication of commands to, and between, machine tools based on the emerging Industrial Internet of Things protocols and standards (termed as “Industry 4.0″). This solution shall be developed by us under an in-house R&D program that will make the machine tools locally intelligent and responsive to operational dynamics compared to the traditional, static and more cumbersome PLC-based machine control.

eC4 Exhibits at an Innovation Conference, Nov. 2015

5G Energy attended the Rideau Tourism & Innovation Conference on November 24th in Smiths Falls, Ontario, to showcase eC4. The product was well received and generated a lot of interest in the local community.

eC4 Expands in the Indian Printing Press Industry, Apr. 2015

Following a successful December 2014 eC4 implementation in two facilities of the largest English daily in South India, the organization increased the footprint of eC4 in their facilities by adding the Head Office’s energy information and replacing their existing EMS solution provider. With this additional facility, eC4 now provides a unified platform that enables the user to centrally monitor and control energy intensity (from the headquarters in Chennai) in all of their geographically distributed printing locations across South India!

5G Energy Moves to a New Home, Jan. 2015

Beginning January 2015, 5G Energy will operate from a newer, bigger and dedicated office in Ottawa located very close to the Rideau River in an industrial area at 203 Colonnade Road.

eC4 Enters the Hospitality Industry, Dec. 2014

eC4 Enters the Hospitality Industry, Dec. 2014

An upscale chain of hotels and resorts in the South Asia region has placed an order for implementing eC4 in one of its facilities in Vizag, India, with a goal to monitor and control the process variables of chiller and heat pump stations.

eC4 now in TWO MORE printing presses of an English Daily in South India, Dec. 2014

A leading South Indian English Daily has recently decided to increase the footprint of eC4 in their organization by adding two more of its press facilities within the eC4 fold . eC4 enables the customer to centrally monitor and control energy intensity, from its headquarters in Chennai, in all of their geographically distributed printing locations across South India!

eC4 Services Renewed for the Third Consecutive Year by a Telecom Major, Dec. 2014

A telecom major has renewed its use of eC4 to exercise optimal control of the ambient conditions (such as, temperature, humidity, etc.) in one of its critical data centres in order to achieve the lowest energy intensity. Consequently, eC4 is not only helping the customer understand their Business As Usual (BAU) energy needs but track opportunities for realizing continuous energy savings as well!