5G Energy Bags an Order from a Premier Research Institution in Canada, Sep 2016

Canada’s premier science and technology research organization has tasked us with providing analytical intelligence insights and outcomes into chiller and boiler performance, using eC4, based on historical process and energy data provided by them. The results will be presented to the research body’s High Performance Building Group and has the potential to lead to large-scale implementations of eC4 in the organization’s facilities!

5G Energy Exhibits at a Manufacturing Conference in Ontario, Nov. 2016

5G Energy was an exhibitor at the 12th Annual Tri-Association High Performance Manufacturing Conference in Cobourg on Nov. 8. Our booth attracted significant interest among the attendees who found our real-time energy intelligence solution, eC4, to be a valuable 24×7 tool in helping understand and curb energy costs at the equipment level in a facility.

5G Energy Introduces the ‘eC4 Flexible Energy Intelligence Program’, Oct. 2016

Would you like to know precisely where you spend money on energy in your facility, and ‘see’ the usage in real-time, with minimum investment?     5G Energy’s ‘eC4 Flexible Energy Intelligence Program’ is a highly affordable offering that allows for 24×7 equipment-based energy intelligence on a rotational basis in a facility, with the results displayed in the easy-to-use eC4 Analytics Dashboard where they can be customized with a few clicks! Benefits to the Energy-Conscious Enterprise : – Simple to set-up & no production downtime: get started on equipment energy intelligence in a few hours! – Get a 24×7 ‘movie’

5G Energy to Develop an Innovative Industry 4.0 Solution for Special Purpose Machines, May 2016

The eC4 IIoT Intelligent Node underwent a Proof of Concept demonstration at one of India’s largest manufacturers to show how it can be used for intelligent control and communication of commands to, and between, machine tools based on the emerging Industrial Internet of Things protocols and standards (termed as “Industry 4.0″). This solution shall be developed by us under an in-house R&D program that will make the machine tools locally intelligent and responsive to operational dynamics compared to the traditional, static and more cumbersome PLC-based machine control.