5G Energy Exhibits at the Niagara Industrial Showcase

Showcasing our smart manufacturing solutions for enabling operational excellence in small, medium, and large enterprises via digital transformation. The annual event is organized by the Niagara Industrial Association in Niagara Falls, Canada.  

5G Energy Sponsors a Charitable Hockey Event

We were a sponsor of the 2019 National Hockey League (NHL) Alumni Benefit Tour that saw a number of NHL heroes face off against local heroes in emergency services, in a friendly match. Held on March 22nd in Carleton Place, all proceeds from the event went towards supporting more than 18,000 Special Olympics athletes in Ontario with intellectual disabilities. Of course, the NHL heroes won.

eC4 Part of Industry 4.0 Showcase at IMTEX 2019

Together with 5G’s industry partner in India, Accurate Gauging and Instruments Pvt Ltd, we exhibited low-cost high-value Industry 4.0 solutions at the flagship event for the Indian metal-cutting sector. Our related live demos in the areas of digital quality control, non-intrusive machine energy intelligence, and production performance analytics for smart Short Interval Control evinced overwhelmingly positive responses from attendees across local industry.

eC4 Provides a Leading Canadian Food Manufacturer with Power Quality Intelligence

One of Canada’s largest food processing brands adopts our energy intelligence solution, for the proactive mitigation of Power Quality events using real-time analytics, in one of its Ontario plants. This digital on-site unified platform will enable accurate identification of the source(s) of such events, the frequency of their occurrences, and their magnitude thereby providing the maintenance team with the critical 24×7 visibility into the plant’s incoming supply panels to proactively intervene, avoid unplanned downtime, and maximize plant productivity. Learn More  

Newspaper Printing Plant

Newspaper Printing Plant

eC4 reduces annual electricity bill demand charges by 7-10% via unified machine energy intelligence across geographically dispersed printing facilities of an English daily.

A Large OEM in India Signs-Up for eC4

A major automotive manufacturer subscribed to our energy intelligence solution, eC4, in two of its plants. Our technology was selected after a stringent due diligent process followed by the client’s team.

5G Energy Exhibits at the 2018 Discovery Innovation Conference

Our energy intelligence solution, eC4, was exhibited along with our suite of digital automation solutions at the Ontario Centres of Excellence’s annual innovation conference that brings together industry, academia, and government. Our showcase also included 5G’s Empowered Worker™ concept featuring a warehouse picking application using Google Glass™, and the location-aware app of 5G’s asset performance management solution.  

5G Energy Exhibits at Automation Fair® 2017

Our energy intelligence technology and Intelligent Node generated high interest at the Connected Enterprise themed event by Rockwell Automation in Houston. The showcase also included 5G’s Empowered Worker™ Suite of IIoT Solutions that involved hands-on warehouse picking and part sub-assembly demos utilizing Google Glass™.  

5G Energy Bags an Order from a Premier Research Institution in Canada, Sep 2016

Canada’s premier science and technology research organization has tasked us with providing analytical intelligence insights and outcomes into chiller and boiler performance, using eC4, based on historical process and energy data provided by them. The results will be presented to the research body’s High Performance Building Group and has the potential to lead to large-scale implementations of eC4 in the organization’s facilities!