5G Energy’s ‘eC4 Flexible Energy Intelligence Program’ is a highly affordable offering that allows for 24×7 equipment-based energy intelligence on a rotational basis in a facility, with the results displayed in the easy-to-use eC4 Analytics Dashboard where they can be customized with a few clicks!

Benefits to the Energy-Conscious Enterprise :

  • – Simple to set-up & no production downtime: get started on equipment energy intelligence in a few hours!
  • – Get a 24×7 ‘movie’ of equipment energy footprint: where/when/how/why are they using energy on a daily basis or per production run.
  • – Know exactly what running a particular equipment adds to the energy bill – no more guesswork!
  • – Access to intelligent analytics across equipment & processes: benchmarking, reporting, identifying energy waste, etc.
  • – Obtain a complete breakdown of the energy bill per equipment/process – know where to target for savings!
5G Energy Introduces the ‘eC4 Flexible Energy Intelligence Program’, Oct. 2016